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The jewellery industry is a 3.3 billion pound industry. How are you NOT getting some of this coin?

Use our suppliers to buy jewellery wholesale, work with suppliers who can create jewellery based off your ideas, or buy ready to wear fashion jewellery.

Each list contains 30+ suppliers that can help you to stock your store with high quality jewellery for all target audiences. They’ve got everything from gold, silver, picture pendant necklaces, rings, bracelet, anklets, waist chains… Legit everything!

Go off, go hard, and dominate the packaging industry. There’s money to be made. 

These are 100% the highest quality suppliers you will find.

Our vendors: 

  • – Have the best response times. 
  • – Are based in the United Kingdom, China (Company Number/Sales License NOT Required).  and the United States (Company Number/Sales License May Be Required).
  • – Have the highest quality clothes at the most affordable prices. 
  • – Have the best shipping. 
  • – Speak the most fluent English (for overseas).
  • – Offer both bulk inventory and no minimum order quantity. 
  • – Provide discounts on purchases. 
  • – Have new arrivals often. 
  • – Provide drop shipping for those who can’t afford bulk inventory. 
  • – Can customize the product to fit your vision. 

A detailed guide on how to use our suppliers for your store is included with each e-book.

“After purchase, click the blue button on the payment confirmation page. Your vendor list will pop up on your phone, laptop or desktop”


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