The Product Process Book:

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In this e-book, we teach how to take your business idea from just an idea to an actual product. 

You will learn:

  1. How to create a problem-solving product
  2. How to create a brand for your products
  3. How to identify your target audience
  4. How to create the perfect logo 
  5. How to use the vendor’s list
  6. How to contact suppliers to order samples & inventory
  7. Supplier Do’s & Don’ts
  8. How to get packaging for your business
  9. What to include in your packaging
  10. How to create an experience for customers when they get their products.


Detailed guide on how to use our suppliers for your store is included with each e-book.

“After purchase, click the blue button on the payment confirmation page. Your vendor list will pop up on your phone, laptop or desktop”


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